Internal Radios

Establish an Internal promotional radio to enhance customer satisfaction & sales

This internal radio application can bring the flowing benefit to the business

  • Connects all the 7 outlets in one platform able to promote new arrivals, discounted stores, promote individual sections
  • Flexibility to be aired at any destination in the country via a PA system.
  • Simple technology and cost effective
  • Reduce the need to run separate team for on store entertainment help to achieve the sales targets by doing the correct on store promotions
  • Ability to easily establish in new stores
  • Create brand identity
  • Creating a lasting impression among your competitors


What we can offer

  • dedicated radio channel
  • dedicated account manager
  • Research on target audience, design trailers
  • single point of contact
  • minimum turnabout response time
  • collection of over 10’000 songs of any type
  • access to latest released music
  • technology to connect the streaming with the servers and PA systems
  • encored – de-cord mechanism
  • studios and editing facilities
  • emergency backup servers to run in case of a natural disaster
  • uninterrupted and very reliable service
  • coverage for future outlets under the same contract

For more information please call us

0772 249 349